5 Things to Think About Before Eloping

The stress of planning a full-blown wedding just isn’t for everyone. No long guest lists, no arrangements made months, even a year in advance and plenty of money saved in exchange for an intimate moment with your loved one. Yes, eloping seems like a pretty appealing idea but here’s something people often forget. It still requires some planning! Maybe not on the scale of a wedding, but there is some involved regardless. Here’s what you need to think about when it comes to your elopement.

Decide On Guests

Eloping doesn’t always mean having zero guests. Maybe you’ll want a close friend or two to come as witnesses and you should definitely invest in a New York elopement photographer to capture this special moment. Years down the line, you, your family and your kids will be able to experience it all over again with the footage you collect on this day.

Personal Touches

Just because you’re eloping, doesn’t mean you can’t splurge on some personal touches to fully own this day. You’ve saved a ton on formal wedding procedures so don’t hold back from getting yourself that dream dress or suit or even a celebratory cake that will add those small personal touches to your ceremony.


Unfortunately, there are times where it’s not as simple as running away and getting married overnight. Leave some room to prepare yourself. Have all your documents in order and research the marriage license process behind the state/country of your choice. Your elopement might be negated if you aren’t careful and don’t have everything in order.

The Reactions

Prepare yourself for a range of different reactions. Some may be offended but you also get those who may be understanding after you explain your reasons why. And while some people may need explaining why you did it, don’t feel like you have to justify yourself at all times. Some of your loved ones would have wanted to share this moment with you and will be quite sensitive to hearing the news, but stand your ground. The negative reactions and perhaps going to a formal, decked-out wedding might illicit some feelings of regret within you- but remember this, you yourself know the reasons behind your elopement and why it suited you and your loved one best. At the end of the day, remember that you are married to the love of your life no matter how big the hall was or how many people attended and nothing can change that!

Social Media

While posting a ‘just got married’ picture on Facebook or Instagram certainly feels like the easiest way to tell everyone of your current status, this might sting to the friends who had no idea it happened in the first place. Take the time to contact your closest friends and update them before posting anything.

These are the top things you’ll have to think about if you decide to elope. Little planning or no, just realize that this is your special day and you deserve to run it just the way you want.

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