Tips for Throwing Large Dinner Parties at Your Home

Throwing a dinner party for a large gathering sounds like a cumbersome and very expensive task. But if you have a large family, it just might be avoidable. A large dinner party is thrown for a dozen or more people. It’s loud, messy, and will be very memorable for everyone involved. Without being afraid of these large gatherings, try the below tips to manage them better:

Plan to Cook Everything in Advance

The most important thing that guarantees a successful large dinner party is cooking everything in advance. That means everything, including desserts and appetizers, have to be prepared well in advance. Don’t plan on cooking last-minute meals while the guests wait. It may work for a small group, but those one-minute desserts can go on forever when you have to prepare it to dozens of people. Therefore, choose the menu so you can cook everything in advance and then refrigerate or reheat as required.

It’s Possible to Make It a Barbecue Bash

Often during the warmer months, both guests and hosts may prefer to eat outside instead of being cooped up indoors. Barbecues are still the most popular method for enjoying evening gatherings when days are longer. If you plan on throwing a massive barbecue, make sure you invest in proper equipment. Hire a BBQ assembly team to set up a large-size grill. If you have the grill set right, then it’s a breeze to stage a huge cookout for dozens of guests.

Plan Some Fresh Preparations Too

If you want to serve things like guacamole or dip, these are best prepared on the day of the event. If that’s the case, make sure you have a well-established timeline to prepare fresh items on the menu. You may need to start during the morning on the day to finish on time before the guests show up.

Set the Table Early On

When you have a couple of friends over, you can easily set the table while they wait. When you have two dozen friends coming over, make sure the table is already set. Smart hosts set the table the morning or night before the event. It will make sure that you have everything ready. If some pieces are missing, there still will be time to get it before the guests arrive.

Keep Snacks and Beverages at the Ready

The best way to prevent guests of getting hungry and antsy while the meat is getting ready is to introduce plenty of snacks. Snacks are crucial if kids are attending. And don’t forget to offer beverages as well, such as fruit juices, sodas, and wine if adults are showing up. Snacks are easy to prepare and keep even for a large ground. You can even buy some readymade at the store. Serve snacks in an area guests can serve themselves without a hassle. That means no personal cocktails, which would require a bartender. Buy a large carton of a cocktail if you absolutely need it at your party.

Last but not least, don’t forget to add ambiance to your home or the outdoors. Some candles can easily get the job done. Also, flowers. Flower vases and decorations at the entrance, the guest bathroom, and on the table setting would set the mood perfectly for the dinner.



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