Weddings in the Land Down Under

You’re looking for an exquisite venue to hold your wedding. You’ve been thinking of either having it within your home country or outsourcing to foreign lands. America, United Kingdom, Greece and France may have been in your list of choices. But have you ever thought about the one called the Land Down Under? Maybe not. Australia has been famous for their kangaroos, the Sydney Opera House, and even as the setting for the film Finding Nemo is actually a great place to hold wedding ceremonies. Apart from their perfect sunny weather, here are a few perks when you choose to do weddings in the Land Down Under.

The Perfect Australian View

Australia is teeming with an abundance of beautiful and elegant sceneries perfect for setting the mood for your wedding. From exotic beaches, beautiful gardens, majestic rainforests, lovely vineyards, tropical islands and even churches by the sea, Australia has much to offer when it comes to venues with the perfect setting and view.

A Blast for the Guests

The most important people in your life will, most likely, be a part of your big day. So, why not give them the chance to not only witness you say your vows but also give them the thrill of visiting a country full of life and adventures.

Great Source of Wedding Paraphernalia

There are also countless sources for your much needed wedding items. You can find beautiful and exquisite cakes, floral decorations and other wedding ceremony pieces in various local shops and stores across the country. Australia even has countless boutiques and bridal shops that can provide you with the outfit you’ve always dreamed of wearing when you say your “I do’s”. A wedding dress Melbourne or a tuxedo in Western Australia may be just that.

Straightforward Legal Requirements

Australia is not as complicated or strict as other countries when it comes to marriage legibility. The requirements to get married are also common to what most countries have. The ceremonies can also be highly customized and personalized.

Their Culture and Unique Wedding Traditions

If you want to make your wedding day unique and interesting, you can incorporate Australian culture during the ceremony. The country has so many unique wedding traditions that this may just be the one you need to make it as memorable as it can be. There is such a thing as a unity bowl ceremony for the guests, a stone ceremony to symbolize eternal love regardless of the ups and downs, and even a smoking ceremony. Different songs and exotic cuisine can also be added into the mix.

Straight to the Honeymoon

Now, apart from the big day, there’s also that much waited big night. Australia is not only a perfect wedding destination but also a splendid honeymoon get-away. There is a variety of romantic places for you to enjoy with your new life partner. If you are also the out-going type of couple, the country also has a number of adventures you can go on.

Australia has so many beautiful locations and options to choose from. The few perks above are definitely just a few of the boundless reasons to hold your wedding in the Land Down Under. So, what are you waiting for? Book your wedding in Australia now!

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